The neo-klezmer band Zimmes had existed, for some time, in the southwest of Sweden as a network of musicians led by the violin player Max Wulfson. Since the winter of 2007, these musicians have come together to form a quartet with one vision; to create their own, unique way of playing klezmer which is infused by rock, punk, pop, and strongly influenced by music from the Balkans and the Orient. During the last year, in addition to their performance schedule, the band has completed and released its debut album,"Zimmes". Zimmes has performed at several festivals, such as the opening of the Planeta festival in 2008, the Gothenburg Klezmer Festival, and the European Jewish Cultural Day in 2008. Zimmes has been giving concerts at theaters and cultural institutions such as the Gothenburg Concert Hall and has also performed at conference centers, universities, cafés, and private parties. Zimmes has also been asked to perform at important public assemblies, for example, the opening ceremony of a monument in Gothenburg, commemorating holocaust victims. During 2008, Zimmes received several cultural awards, such as the Katz Jewish Culture Award, and the Göthilda Foundation Award. In august 2009 Zimmes released its debut album Zimmes (Ezra Infotainment), which in the Gothenburg Daily was described as: "a strong and convincing debut".


Max Wulfson studied at the Eastman School of Music, the School of Music and Drama at Göteborg University, and the Jutland Music Conservatory (Denmark) for world-renowned teachers such as Mikhail Kopelman, Per Enoksson and Marta Libalova. Max is working in the 1st violin section at the Gothenburg Opera. He also works regularly with the Göteborg Symphony Orchestra (GSO) and the the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Läcköoperan (principal violin), Göteborgs Konsertkör (concertmaster), Musica Vitae, the Århus Symphony Orchestra, Värmlandsoperan, Norrlandsoperan, etc. He worked as principal/solo violinst at the musical show "Producers" wich ran for one year at the Lorensberg Theatre in Gothenburg. Max often performs as a soloist as well as with his string quartet "Wulfson Quartet". He is playing all the violin solos in the big movie "Simon And The Oaks. He has also worked with several well-known artists such as Robert Wells, Anders Ekborg, Christer Sjögren and After Shave, to name a few. He also takes part in cd/radio recordings with among others Rallygänget, Mustasch Oblique, the Göteborg Opera and GSO.


Jonas Lundberg studied at the School of Music and Drama at Göteborg University and is active as a musician, actor and teacher. He has toured throughout the world and made a number of recordings both in Sweden and internationally, for example with the highly acclaimed folk music band, Räfven. As a freelance musician he has taken part in a number of theatre productions as composer and arranger. For a number of years he has been the conductor for the theatre group Smuts.


Martin Holmlund was educated at the Ingesund Music Academy and FIH, Reykjavik. Since 1998 he has been living in Gothenburg where he works as a freelance musician and teacher. Martin has played with a large number of groups and artists such as Militanta Jazzmusiker, Lillasyster, West of Eden, Niklas Hjulström, Putte Wickman, Roger Pontare. He is often engaged as bass player in many different contexts and has taken part in several recordings. Among other occasions, he played in the 70th birthday celebrations for the Dalai Lama during his visit to Sweden in 2005.


Thommy Larsson studied at Göteborg University, taking part in the individual musician program. Thommy has played and toured with numerous artists such as Daniel Lemma, Franska Trion, Alf Robertsson in Sweden, on Iceland, and in South Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia. He played on the occasion of the inauguration of the new library in Alexandria. Thommy has taken part in a large number of recordings and has also recorded music for films such as ‘Jalla Jalla’ and ‘Kopps’.